How to Start a Successful Drop Shipping Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own online store but don't have money for inventory? Drop Shipping is a newer form of ecommerce that allows you to sell products without ever having to stock any inventory! Read on to find out exactly how to do it.

1 First, you need products to sell. Find a quality wholesale source that drop ships. There are a lot of middlemen out there so be sure to use a reliable wholesale directory to find your products. Choosing the wrong source can really impact your profits. For a review of the most popular drop shipping suppliers, check out

2 Now you need a place to sell your products. eBay is a popular place to get started. You can either list products individually, or you can open an eBay store for a monthly fee. Plans start from $15.95 and up. If you're not ready to open a store, you can still list multiple products at once using eBay turbo lister. Note that you will have to pay a listing fee for each item you list.

3 If you would like to sell your products independently, you can build a site using shopping cart software. Yahoo Small Business is an easy solution that includes a customizable shopping cart software and payment processing for a montly fee. If you want a free solution, you can check out osCommerce or Zencart. In this case you will need to provide your own hosting and payment processing. Paypal is the most common choice for collecting payment.

4 Once your product sells, you collect payment from the customer. Then you simply go to your drop shipper and pay your wholesale cost. They will ship the product straight to your customer, and your profit is the difference in price. It's as easy as that!